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Since we began our project we have considered of the utmost importance to create our own brand of saffron in order to be able to offer a product packed in optimal conditions of conservation in order to preserve its properties, which ultimately are what makes saffron such a valued product. This way you will be able to savour each saffron stalk in your meals with the same emotion we have put into its elaboration.


After the harvest of 2016, we decided to get down to work into the creation of our brand and to comply with every requisite needed. Today, we can assert that we have made the dream come true.

“The logo perfectly represents the concept of Pureness of the product, with the colour range that has been used to represent the saffron. The simplicity and craftsmanship used in the hand-written letters refer us to a genuine world. As the final touch, the graphic element of the Saffron thread clearly identifies the product, by giving it dynamism and modernity, while creating an immediate relationship to the product itself”


Claudio Mapelli


Ellaborated in a hand-crafted, traditional way, following the teachings of our grandparents to give our “red gold” the taste and scent of our land.

Briznas “pure saffron” produces Spanish saffron, considered the best in the world due to its pigmentation power, taste and scent. Our fields are located more than 1000m over the sea level, in Peñas de San Pedro (Albacete), which is the most suitable location for the farming of our saffron.


Tradition, quality and dedication are virtues that merge in Briznas. Briznas “pure saffron” is an entirely natural product, due to each of the activities used during its production. It is achieved by using ancient methods for the handling and care of the land, the natural consumables used to fertilize the earth, and even the water used to irrigate, which comes from a local natural spring. That is how we can obtain an exceptional product, allowing you to savour it in each of your meals and take advantage of its great health benefits.

.5  grams of home grown threaded saffron

Length:   4.45 cm (1.75 in)

Width:    2.55 cm (1 in)

Height:   1.5 cm (.59 in)

€ 4,85

VAT included


1  gram of home grown threaded saffron

Length:   4.49 cm (1.76 in)

Width:    3.6 cm (1.41 in)

Height:   1.4 cm (.55 in)

€ 9,70

VAT included


2  grams of home grown threaded saffron

Length:  7 cm (2.75 in)

Width:    5.05 cm (1.98 in)

Height:   1.5 cm (.59 in)

€ 19,40

VAT included


4 grams of home grown threaded saffron

Length:   9.35 cm (3.68 in)

Width:    6.1 cm (2.4 in)

Height:   1.8 cm (.7 in)

€ 39,14

VAT included


10 grams of home grown threaded saffron

Length:   10.8 cm (4.25 in)

Width:    8.10 cm (3.18 in)

Height:   2.8 cm (1.1 in)

€ 97,02

VAT included



Prices DO NOT include shipment.

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